The collection

In front of MiG-27D of the Debrecen-based 88. fighter-bomber regiment is standing the parade squadron of the Southern Group of Forces on May 18, 1990, on the day the unit left for Olenegorsk near Murmansk.Our museum Secrets of the Soviet airbase is an unparalelled and unique collection of artifacts, exhibits, photographs. All of them have a common focus: the Soviet air force in Austria and Hungary, a topic about what has just been written in a two-volume book. Our collection is based in Hungarian thermal resort Berekfürdő.

When visiting this display we can get aquainted with the Secrets of the soviet airbase. Such as Soviet nuclear weapons in Hungary, catastrophes of Soviet aircraft during the years of Communism and relation between Soviet officers and soldiers and the local people. We can also learn a lot about how and what weapons were tested and used on the bombing range of Nádudvar. It is a must-see for all those interested in general history or history of the XX. century.

Freshly restored Mi-24D of the Secrets of the Soviet airbase museum: this very machine was the very first export Mi-24 in the world! (ex. NVA Mi-24D 403, and later Bundeswehr 96+20)

The founder and organiser of the museum is Karoly Vandor, an internationally renowned aviation historian, author of several articles, books. His team’s enthusiasm marks this unique and very interesting collection about the soviet airbases of Debrecen, Esztergom, Kadafalva, Kalocsa, Kunmadaras, Pápa, Sármellék, Székesfehérvár, Tököl, Veszprém-Szentkirályszabadja.

Our museum is an interactive display: we will show you original footage shot in the late 1980’s on the airbases by Soviet air force aircrews, we can sit in the ejection seat of a Russian-made aircraft in a full set of flying garments and can get awarded a special diploma from the unit commander. We also have a small museum shop where you can buy plastic scale models, books and other memorablia.

Each exhibit has its own history: each one is a unique and rare piece of the past. We know of all crashed airframes and have a nice collection of aircraft parts and pieces. We have those of Su-24 and Yak-28 frontline bombers, MiG-27, Su-7 and Su-17 frontline fighter-bombers and MiG-17 fighter.

We would also draw you attention to the full and detailed collection of flight suits, helmets, masks, gloves, goggles. But high-altitude suits and those of the ground crews are also to be seen. And uniforms, badges and awards, all set in two big and several smaller vitrines are part of the exhibition, too. You can not pass the never-published-before photos and documents on the walls of the corridor. And last but not least, an extensive collection of the aerial bombs of the Soviet  air force.

_IGP7343 None of our exhibits are harmful. None of our bombs, missiles, bullets contain hazardous materials, those have been removed and inerted.