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VPP Publishing Légierő társbérletben cover page The most important publications of VPP Publishing  Légierő társbérletben are the two volumes of a best-selling book written by Hungarian aviation historian Károly Vándor. He, being the co-founder of our museum, has been researching the history of Soviet air force in Hungary and Austria.

VPP Publishing is a family-like publisher mainly specializing in historical books. Our special interest is the Soviet air force and armed force presence in Eastern Europe.

The author has conducted research in US, Russian, Ukrainian, Hungarian archives, has talked with 1500 veterans and eyewittnesses. His book based on his researches and the documents found at the abandoned airbases became a best-selling title. Its two volumes were leading the Military history category of several Hungarian book retailer chains for several months.

The uniqueness of the his books are that the actual happenings are backed up by words of wittnesses and participants.

You can order this two-volume book in e-mail by sending a message to info@vppkiado.hu